Ramin Aryaie

photo | film | design

visual artist and web designer

Ramin Aryaie is a german-iranian audio-visual artist and freelance designer.

He works in websites, films, photography, AV performance, print design and developing online platforms.

This website showcases his wide range of artistic and commercial work. For booking please contact him here.

Recent Work

Vjollca Robelli Mripa

Website for a singer/songwriter from Kosovo

Nummer Een

A beautiful commercial website for a holiday house on the dutch coast

Splitting Dreams

A Live Performance at LSD.75 in Basel combining aerial acrobatics with live projections


Ramin lives nomadically and works in photographs, words, films, sounds and experimental digital processes. His works explore the world and the human soul. A continious research on life in all its endless facettes. The results of these studies are published independently. Online, in live performances, exhibitions, installations, feature films, books, transmedia web projects and carefully crafted websites. Please contact him here.

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Ramin is the founder of VOIIAGE, a hub for experimental transmedia research, and co-founder of the Liva Collective, a new home for creative journalism. Over the past six years he has traveled and worked in Iran, New Zealand, Vanuatu, Morocco, Fiji, Palestine, Kosovo, Australia, Malaysia, France, Germany, Israel, Singapore, Poland, Ukraine, Indonesia, Romania and Latvia. This year he will tour festivals and community spaces in Europe with the Liva Village.

Our Vision.

I travel the world with barely any money and record the stories and the beauty I encounter along the way. I work experimentally and independently, trying not to be limited by preconceived ideas. I hope and trust to put my work and energy to good use. For the people I work with and our world family as a whole, spreading love and understanding through artistic storytelling. I dream of a better world every day and know that we all can do anything we want to. At the moment I am experimenting with new, independent ways of publishing while creating win-win situations for everyone involved.