I am an independent visual artist.

my work combines web design, branding, print, film,

photography, animation and live performances.

I am involved in various independent projects, working in and between the fields of art, performance, journalism and activism. In 2014 I founded VOIIAGE, an experimental art studio creating AV performances, producing experimental films and providing a collaborative hub for spiritual transmedia research.

Turning again towards politics and activism, I co-founded of the Liva Collective in 2016, an artistic collective which supports NGO’s in their work through creative campaigns and collaborative art.

Over the past six years I have traveled and worked in Iran, New Zealand, Vanuatu, Morocco, Fiji, Palestine, Kosovo, Australia, Malaysia, France, Germany, Israel, Singapore, Poland, Ukraine, Indonesia, Romania and Latvia.

Most of my work is produced and published independently: Online, in live performances, exhibitions, installations, feature films, books, transmedia web projects and carefully crafted websites.

Where possible I publish them under a Creative Commons license.

My Fields


Creating websites and printed things
We offer packages for organisations and companies that combine a variety of seamlessly integrated designs.


Visual storytelling in film and photography
In small teams we produce and direct music videos, short films, feature films and commercial projects.


Documentary stories and natural wonders
Captured stories from over four continents, from architecture to experimental layering.


Performances and Installations
We combine live-mixed AV projections, aerial acrobatics, dance, live music and theatre.


Experimenting and researching in digital art
Almost an art piece in itself, VOIIAGE is a maze of films and artworks pushing the boundaries of modern film, by combining analogue and digital.

LIVA co.

Building physical experiences
As a collective journalistic process we create installations and experiences that support real activist causes and inspire empathy.


An immersive installation by the Liva Collective
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