My name is Ramin. I am a freelance film maker, designer, photographer and activist currently based in Cologne but continuously changing location. I grew up in Germany with an Iranian background. Since a young age I have been interested in capturing things around me, remixing them into new things. I work  photographs, words, films, sounds and experimental digital processes. These works explore the world and the human soul. A continious research on life in all its endless facettes.

Most of my work is produced and published independently: Online, in live performances, exhibitions, installations, feature films, books, transmedia web projects and carefully crafted websites. Where possible I work with Creative Commons licenses. For jobs, collaborations or prints you can contact me here.

Ramin is involved in various independent projects he co-founded working in the fields of art, performance, journalism and activism.

In 2014 he founded VOIIAGE, a creative studio creating AV performances, producing experimental films and providing a collaborative hub for experimental transmedia research.

In 2016 he co-founded of the Liva Collective, an artistic activism collective which supports NGO’s in their work through creative attention campaigns.

Over the past six years he has traveled and worked in Iran, New Zealand, Vanuatu, Morocco, Fiji, Palestine, Kosovo, Australia, Malaysia, France, Germany, Israel, Singapore, Poland, Ukraine, Indonesia, Romania and Latvia.

This year he will tour festivals and community spaces in Europe with the Liva Village.